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Dine in opulent style! Lay your 10 seater dining table with this absolutely beautiful antique look dinner service: very elegant classic “Baronesse” (no328) black design on white with silver edging – exclusively made for Ekco Prudence home products, USA. This amazing set consists of 10x dinner plates, 10x soup plates, 10x side plates, 10 x desert bowls, 10x tea/coffee cups, 10x saucers, 10x cake plates, 2x large oval serving platters, 2x medium oval serving platters, 2x round serving dishes with lids, 2x milk jugs/creamers, 2x sugar bowls with lids, 1x gravy boat, 1x salt, 1x pepper = 85 pieces (on average R65 per item).  84x pieces are in perfect condition, 1x cup has a tiny blemish (2x extra dinner plates plus 2x extra side plates included at no extra charge).

Timeless elegance at its very best! Excellent quality at an excellent price!

Price: R5525 includes packaging and delivery to your door!


Exquisite! Great condition! This beautiful Art Nouveau 25 piece demitasse coffee set was presumably made in Bavaria or Eastern Europe at the beginning of the 1900’s during the late Art Nouveau period. Although the manufacturer’s name does not appear on any of the pieces, they are numbered (2893) which is a good indication that the set must have formed part of a larger set of which the large items such as a soup tureen or meat platter would have been marked with the manufacturer’s name. The green Art Nouveau design was hand painted on the exquisite white porcelain.  This exquisite set consists of 7x demitasse cups (used to serve espresso or strong coffee such as Turkish coffee in), 7x saucers, 7x cake plates, 2x large platters (to serve small cakes on), 1x creamer, 1x sugar = x25 pieces. 24 Pieces are absolutely perfect while 1 item (creamer) has a tiny blemish.

Price: R2500 includes packaging and delivery to your door!


Serve wine in classic style: gorgeous vintage crystal cut glass (rose design) set of 33 glasses: 11x red wine, 11 x white wine, 11 x port, ALL IN PERFECT CONDITION! A special gift for that special person!

Price: R2200 includes special packaging and delivery to your door!

Sold Out! MoreMoreGoodStuff-54

In good condition, no chips or cracks; 19 x 15cm


Very pretty 3-tiered mid-century/vintage cake stand, all in good condition, no chips or cracks. The centre square floral platter is Royal Tudor Ware (made in England); the top green and bottom black platters are Old Foley, Staffordshire “Gaiety” (made in England). Very unusual!

Dimensions: total height: 36cm; diameter: green: 21cm; floral: 22,5cm; black: 27cm.

Price: WAS R395 NOW R295 includes delivery to your door!

R395.00 R295.00

Retro mix n match: this pretty but not perfect hand-beaten retro copper pitcher and pewter jug (marked Holland Metal E8) combination look beautiful together and can blend seamlessly with all styles. Both hold water and can be used as vases (or ornaments). Both have a few dents here and there but nothing offensive.


Copper pitcher: height: 37cm; spout to handle: 16cm; diameter at bottom: 12cm.

Pewter jug: height: 31cm; diameter: 11cm; spout to handle: 13cm


R390 the pair: includes delivery to your  door!

Product 3 & 4

Crysanthemum: 30×23,5cm; excellent condition – Left in image

Product 3 & 4

Crysanthemum: diam: 30cm; excellent condition – Far right in picture


Very Vintage SABCA 1967 snooker trophy, EPNS trophy on black stand, great condition. The perfect gift for collectors of snooker paraphernalia!

Dimensions: height: 18cm; diameter: 15cm; handle to handle: 21cm

Price: WAS R595 NOW R395 includes delivery to your door!

R595.00 R395.00
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Victorian style umbrella/walking stick stand BUT can also be used as a flower vase – floral design – autumn colours, perfect condition, absolutely beautiful!


Price: R990 includes packaging and delivery to your door!

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Very vintage enamel bucket in good condition, only small age marks here and there, very pretty, holds water – really large. The ugly duckling has truly become a swan: fill up this old slop bucket with arms full of flowers and/or foliage to make a stunning display. VERY PRETTY!

Dimensions: height: 27cm; top diameter: 31cm

Price: R490 includes special packaging and delivery to your door!


Great quality, very collectable: beautiful Old World design: green on white, very pretty vintage Hutschenreuther coffee pot (& lid) plus matching creamer and sugar bowl (& lid) all in great condition although the coffee pot has a tiny blemish on the edge of the opening of the coffee pot.

Price: R695 includes packaging and delivery to your door!

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