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In blond Birch veneer with dark wood trimmings and cabinet knobs. The interior of the top liquor cabinet is lined with black glass and mirror while the bottom wine cabinet is fitted with a wine rack to hold 16 bottles of wine. This charming cabinet is well made and still going strong although showing some signs of age. (1x elbow hinge needs to be fixed). Needs a little TLC.

Dimensions: Height 92cm, Depth 46cm, Width 122cm

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Solid wood legs & frame, veneered top. This dining table appears to be made from Japanese teak which is a good indicator that it is an original Danish piece. This is a rare find! Still very sturdy but needs TLC and lots of furniture polish OR a good lick of paint – will look magnificent in Durham Charcoal.

Dimensions: Height 76cm, Length 123cm, Width 82cm.

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Sturdy and in very good condition. Made from solid Imbua, black leather – look drop in seats, laminated bentwood backs. Ideal as dining chairs or occasional lounge chairs.

Dimensions: Height 84cm, Width 50cm, Depth 49cm.

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Pair of 2 solid dark wood armchairs in excellent condition – elegantly re-upholstered not too long ago in high quality mock-suede.

Dimensions: Height 77cm, Width 68cm, Depth 65cm.

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Classic & sleek 70’s extendible dining table: seats 8 (10 depending on width of chairs). This is an absolute stunner in good condition with the extender mechanism working perfectly. The legs and frame are from solid teak and the top a high quality teak veneer.

Dimensions: Height 77cm, Extended Length 200cm, Regular Length 153cm, Width 92cm.

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In good condition: solid wood frame with excellent quality teak veneer. The door opens vertically revealing a handy built in bookshelf in the door. Smooth running castors!

DIMENSIONS: width: 76cm; depth bottom: 53cm; depth top: 44cm; height: 62cm

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In excellent condition: Classic Danish style dining chairs; SOLID Mahogany legs and frames; bent veneered mahogany backs; off white vinyl seats. One chair leg slightly loose – can easily be fixed.

DIMENSIONS:  height of chair top of back to floor: 83cm; height seat to floor: 43cm; width seat front: 50cm; width seat back: 36cm; depth of seat: 42cm

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Has original FRYSTARK keys which could be an idication that this piece was manufactured by FRYSTARK.  The sideboard is made from teak veneer and has solid wood legs and handles on the cabinet doors. Although it is well made, the cabinet insides and shelves are made from pressed wood (but in very good condition). The cabinet’s back is from hardboard.

It is in fairly good condition but not perfect anymore – a few nicks here and there. Because it is still very sturdy, a little TLC & elbow grease will do the trick.

DIMENSIONS: height: 80cm; width: 1.53 cm; depth: 46cm.

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Ideal for a small plasma screen (on the bottom shelf), book shelves, display shelves, single door cabinet for glasses or your favourite Retro tea-set, x3 drawers at the bottom to store what have you. This is a well crafted piece of furniture – solid teak frame and legs – teak veneer cabinet doors; wooden drawer handles; elbow hinge still in good working order; good condition – well looked after. This beauty will take your interior into another dimension!
Dimensions: Height 110cm, Width 148cm Depth of bottom 46cm, Depth of center 38cm, Depth of top 28cm.

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