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Sold Out! MoreMoreGoodStuff-91

This quirky 60’s HILVERSUM radiogram table was designed for a radiogram and turntable set and to hold retro LP’s (long playing reckords) in the bottom shelf. This is truly a rare find. If you’re an LP fan – this is a MUST HAVE – to keep your collection of LP’s and retro turntable paraphernalia together – the perfect gift to a collector of Retro LP’s.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 72cm; Width: 1.07cm; Depth: 42cm

Sold Out! 4 Matching Mid-Century arm chairs in Danish Design 1

A must have! These chairs are as Danish as they come. Although not perfect anymore, the structures are good – with a few nips and tucks here and there they’ll be as sturdy as new. The seat bottoms are sprung and still in good condition too. The original red boucle weave so typical of this era is still in tact and actually quite charming if shabby chic is your thing. Or else just have them restored and re-upholstered and they’ll be the envy of all your friends because these chairs are few and far between – and in a set of 4 even more so! What’s more, it is THE REAL THING! Not a reproduction, not a replica but the true original!

DIMENSIONS: Height: 84cm; width: 68cm; depth: 66cm

Sold Out! Fabulous Mid-Century Display Cabinet with Danish Style legs 1

Not perfect anymore but still in great condition considering it’s been around since the fifties. Made from Sapele Mahogany: has 3 sliding glass doors / 2 on either side with angular sandblasting on; 1 in centre with 2 finger ‘slits’; 2 glass shelves; mirrored bottom shelf and back; interesting brass trimmings on either side of bottom glass door; wooden Danish style legs with original brass caps. A few scratches here and there but an absolute pleasure to look at.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 1.40m; width: 1,44m; depth:37cm

Sold Out! Classic Danish styled coffee table 1

In fairly good condition for a table which has been serving coffee since the middle of the previous century. This charming little table is just right for a smaller sized room – and it doubles up as a magazine table too.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 40cm; Width: 1,22m; Depth: 51cm

Sold Out! Danish Design Sofa 1

An absolute stunner!! The original red boucle weave upholstery is somewhat tired but still pretty enough if you’re a shabby chic fan. If not, have it re-upholstered – it will look even more stunning! But whatever you do, know for sure you will be the proud owner of a one of a kind sofa. And they don’t come easy!

DIMENSIONS: Height: 80cm; Width: 2.20m; Depth: 76cm

Sold Out! 1.1

Light and airy – nothing heavy about this piece! It’s just so quirky with its Danish legs and funky shape and still in pristine condition too after all these years -  except for the mark on the top shelf. The glass doors and shelves are still good as is the mirrored back. Display your collection of dinkie toys or mid century vases or just keep your books dust free!

DIMENSIONS: Height: 1.03m; Width: 89cm; Depth / Left: 23cm; Depth / Right: 32cm

Sold Out! More Good Stuff Photos-3

Mother of pearl lustre fininsh – just so pretty!

DIMENSIONS: Height: 12cm; Width: 27cm: Depth: 14cm

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