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Sold Out! 30.2

This gorgeous Edwardian beauty is such an unusual piece – a writing table appearing to be a wash stand OR a wash stand appearing to be a writing table? Or perhaps a dressing table? Whichever way you look at it, it is absolutely beautiful. It is made from solid mahogany with beautiful restrained hand carved sections at the top, beveled mirrors, amazing marble sections (splash-back and insert on cabinet top) and has a little drawer in the center flanked by two cabinet doors.

This is one of those versatile pieces one can utilize as a writing table, a dressing table OR even a drinks cabinet. Some restoration/ repairs have been made. The handles have been replaced by replica antique handles and the paneling on the two doors have been replaced. However, none of this detracts any of the character of this beautiful piece. This kind of craftsmanship is hard to find nowadays – a true heirloom for generations to come …and going at an affordable price too.

Total height: 1.95cm
Height from cabinet top to floor: 81,5cm
Total width: 1.24
Width between cabinet doors: 50cm (leg space)
Total depth: 57cm;

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Sold Out! 18.3

This is the ultimate in elegance: wing-back chair with extra high curved back. The frame is well made, strong and sturdy, the Queen Ann feet are great and even the upholstery is good too use as is although it is in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. Take this chair to the next level by having it re-upholstered! The frame alone is money well spent!

total height: 1.21m
height floor to seat: 43cm
total width: 75cm
inside width: 50cm
total depth: 74cm
depth of seat: 58cm.

R2,900.00 R2,200.00
Sold Out! Elegant Vintage Arm Chair 1

The solid dark Burmese Teak frame is in very good condition although you might want to replace the antique gold velvet seat and back cushions if shabby chic is not for you. This is truly a golden oldie which has stood the test of time – not quite an antique yet but timelessly elegant as the best of antiques and sturdy too. Excellent quality. An absolute beauty to adorn any room in your house and a good investment too. Strongbow spring system underneath seat cushion.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 95cm; Width: 56cm; Depth: 56cm

R1,580.00 R1,200.00
Sold Out! MGS Product 1-8

This well crafted little rectangular table is made from Stinkwood and will stil be sturdy for quite a few more decades.

DIMENSIONS: Height: 53cm; Width: 41cm; Depth: 35cm

Sold Out! 32.1

Use as walking stick then convert into seat to BIRD-WATCH in style* Genuine leather and aluminium – in good condition, working perfectly.

Total height/ closed: 90cm
Height open as seat: 72cm
Seat size: 42 x 14cm

Sold Out! 14.2

This vintage beauty is one of those timeless pieces which can transcend different era’s seamlessly. The secret lies in the upholstery. That’s what makes this amazing frame such a good buy – the frame is rock solid sturdy, the mahogany Queen Ann feet are timelessly elegant while the design fits the current interpretation of vintage perfectly.

Although, if shabby chic is your thing and you don’t mind the seat cushions not matching the rest of the upholstery, this gem is good to use as is – at least another couple of years!

Total height: 84cm
Width: 1.28m
Depth: 76cm

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