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Enjoying coffee: a simple daily rite made special by Bialetti, historically committed to the art of its preparation. This set of six espresso cups and saucers in a presentation box comes from Bialetti. Please note that this cup size is based on espresso cup sizes and not on regular tea or coffee cup sizes. Each cup has a different image of Bialetti's Little Man with the Moustache juggling a number of coffee beans!

Bialetti cup collection
Thick sides for retaining heat
Made of high-quality porcelain
Set consisting of 6 cups and 6 saucers

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The Moka Express is the number one coffee-maker in the world. It perfectly combines design with reliability and quality. This classic Italian household object, entirely made of aluminium, is the only one of its kind to bear the unique mark of the “little man with the moustache”. For an excellent cup of Italian coffee, which only improves with use, choose Moka Express.

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